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Making Active & Post Military Life Awesome!

Capitalize Your Military and Veteran Opportunities

Our mission is to educate and inspire you to look inside yourself, find your purpose, and use the unique financial tools and resources available for military and veterans to create an impactful future.

Military Transition Secrets

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What We Do:

"Reality-Based" Financial and Life Transition Planning for the Post 9/11 Military and Veteran Community so that you can focus on what's truly important in life. Finding a new sense of meaning.

Mil -> Civ Transition

Are you concerned about what to do after the military?  Is money your primary concern or are you more worried about fulfilling a new sense of purpose?

We can show you how to prepare financially soyou can transition with intention.

Risk Management

What are the unknown unknowns that could hijack to future potential?  What are the risks you can and can't control? 

We will help protect you from these concerns and more.

Long Term Wealth

Your military career will come to an end.  Whats next for you?  Is it just about saving money and retirement at 65?  Or... are you meant for something bigger.  

We can show you how to capture the opportunity that is being a U.S. Veteran

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You most likely don't need to waste your time and money on a traditional financial plan.  I'll even tell you a little financial planning secret, that's mostly simple software designed to make an advisor look good. Our 1-Page blueprint will cover everything you need to ensure you're on the right path. 

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Meet Founder Scott Tucker 

A West Point Graduate, former army officer and best-selling author, Scott Tucker combines his realistic perspective, financial expertise, and life experience to help others prepare financially for the transition back to civilian life.

Transition Ready?

Find out how ready you are to transition to post military life.  Answer a few questions and learn today!

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Master Your Military Benefits 

Navigating the complex world of VA loans, TSP, Survivor Benefit Plan and pensions can be difficult for even the savviest financial mind. Offering forward-thinking financial education and services, we help make your military benefits work for you.

The Military Financial & Life Transition Seminar

Are you located in San Diego? Attend one of our monthly seminars where we dispel the money myths around your military and VA benefits. Learn the simple secrets to experiencing an "intentional transition" so that you can find your new mission faster and build financial freedom with a purpose and not just a paycheck.



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